Aging Gracefully On the Coast
OUR SERVICES are both on a hourly and live in basis.
Caregivers come to the clients home to assist with housekeeping, bathing, grooming, meals, transportation, monitoring medications, errand, incontinent care, transferring and mobility assistance.

Services Description

1. In Home Assessment of Need - Free consultation

The initial service begins with an in-home consultation of need-this is not to determine the need for service but what actual services we will provide. This will involve filling out all paper work, demographics, and plan of care. This service is helpful to the senior and the family as it may raise need they did not realize we can fulfill (example transportation to dr. appointments may not have been an issue when the client called to obtain service, but after the assessment the client may realize this service can relieve a family member from this task.)

2. Caregiver

The main service we provide is the actual care by a trained professional in-home care assistant.

All the services listed below are included in the price of care Our services include:

A. L
ight housekeeping

light housekeeping is defined as day to day picking up of newspapers, washing dishes, spot cleaning, running the vacuum in main living areas, making the bed, wiping down kitchen and bathroom. Any service that would fall under day to day basic cleaning.

B. Assistance with Bathing and Grooming

Bathing and grooming involves providing assistance with a bath or shower, washing the clients hair, applying lotion, shaving, applying make up, brushing and styling the hair, help with brushing teeth, washing dentures, putting on clothes.

C. Laundry

Laundry will be provided for the client. Washing and drying clothes, washing and changing bed linen. Ironing is not included in this service and if a client lives with another person (his or her laundry would not be included this mainly applies to adult children) If a client lives with another senior additional charge may apply for his or her laundry

Meal planning and preparation

Meal planning will be done with the client or family member to assure the foods that are prepared are to the clients liking. The caregiver will be informed or any food allergy, special diet, religious restrictions,swallowing problems prior to the first day of care. Meal planning may also involve preparing a grocery list and going to the store to purchase the food. Preparation of the food may involve light meals to dinner meals. We alway inform the client that meal preparation may be limited to the caregivers cooking ability. During the initial assessment the need for meal preparation will be discussed and a caregiver who can meet this need will be sent.

E. Mobility assistance

We will provide assistance with walking (stand by assistance )to all clients who are unsteady with a cane, or walker. Mobility assistance may also involve transferring a client who is in a wheel chair. Transferring maybe done from bed to chair and back and from toilet to chair and back, bath or shower to chair and back or car to chair and back.The client must be able to bear weight in order to assist with transferring. We will not be able to provide a full lift unless special equipment is provided in order to keep the caregiver from injuring him or her self.

F. Incontinent care

Incontinent care/ toilet

Toilet includes assistance to the bathroom, help with cleaning. Incontinent care includes changing of adult pads, cleaning the soiled area and re apply adult pads/undergarment

G. Transportation

Transportation can be provided in either the clients vehicle or the caregivers vehicle. All caregivers that provide transportation will be fully insured and licensed. If the client prefers to use his/her car. we must obtain proof of full coverage insurance from the client and a release form. Transportation in the caregivers vehicle may require an additional charge to cover gas expenses and wear to the caregivers vehicle. When in the caregivers vehicle any place within a five mile radius will be included in the cost of service .Any transportation over five miles will require a $12.00 flat transportation fee - for each day. This fee will be included in the clients weekly billing and then will be passed on directly to the caregiver in his/ her paycheck.for

H. Monitoring Medications

Caregiver will monitoring the clients medications if this service is needed. All medications must be listed and prepared by a family member or home health care nurse or a full list must be obtained by the clients doctor. The caregiver can not administer medications to any client. The caregiver can only remind the client that medications need to be taken and observe and assist the client in reading medication bottles or lists.


Caregiver will provide companionship paying close attention to the clients interests. companionship may include reading aloud, playing games, talking with client, shopping, going out to a restaurant, accompany client to social events, senior centers, gardening.

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